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Rachel DeRieu
Art Director

Playing on the seesaw of form and function.


A Michigan-based Art Director who dabbles in illustration, branding, motion, and creating connections through marketing. I studied art direction at the College for Creative Studies and have nurtured my passion for blending human experience with great design.

The Work


The global chip shortage that affected the tech industry left Cadillac customers frustrated with production delays. To ease the pains of Lyriq enthusiasts, a monthly email cadence was launched to keep our audience eager and convert Handraisers to Order Holders.

The electrifying charm and positive influence LYRIQ has on owners and onlookers is The LYRIQ Effect

Two audiences receive emails tailored for them.
Handraisers: Those interested in LYRIQ communications.
Order Holders: Anyone who purchased their own LYRIQ.

VisID Iconography - Cadillac Site

Cadillac rolled out a new bold and sleek brand identity. This started with the latest Cadillac Gothic font, a modernized Crest logo, and bold photography inspired by high fashion. The next step was to bring their brand iconography into the next decade of design. The icon library is inspired by their typeface and vehicles. After 10 months of cross-agency collaboration, client presentations, and approvals, my designs were launched for all of Cadillac's creative agencies to use across all platforms globally.

Along with the icons, I assisted other Art Directors with illustration creations for use across the Cadillac site and email communications.

High Times Award Entries - Pure Options

Pure Options looks to elevate your mind, body, and soul with their products. By infusing precision and Sci-Fi HUD animation we leveled up their branding for the High Times Michigan People's Choice Awards.

HasbroHome - Hasbro x Target
D Show - Best of Student Nominee

Hasbro board games were a classic in most millennial households growing up. However, when millennials went away to school the games did not go with them. To regain recognition from this demographic, Hasbro is teaming up with Target to transform these classic games into a home decor collection.