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I'm in that generation who grew up without technology and then watched the world jump headfirst into digital. A realist who digs through the deepest corners of my mind finding the right creative solution. A child at heart who wants to change the stigma of bad advertising. Hello, I'm Rachel DeRieu!

My biggest strength and weakness is being an overthinking perfectionist. I love letting life take my hand and lead the way, but the whole time I'm thinking about my next move and how to make the most of my time.

As a kid, I'd always turn nothing into something; dandelion highlighters, leaf piñatas, even gluing Christmas lights to a wire rack and declaring it as art. The greatest advice I was given growing up was, "Once you know the rules, you can learn how to break them." I've always looked toward film for inspiration, Anything Robin Williams or Rankin/Bass being my favorites.

Demo Reel

Flex Zone-

Rapid Ideation


Deck Building


Color Theory

Motion Graphics


UX/UI Design

Mock Ups


2019 / The D Show / Best of Student Nominee / Detroit

2019 / Addy Awards / Silver / Greater Flint Area

2018 / The D Show / Shortlist Nomine / Detroit

2018 / Addy Awards / Silver / District 6 

2018 / Addy Awards / Silver / Greater Flint Area

2018 / College for Creative Studies President’s List

2017 / Addy Awards / Silver / Greater Flint Area

2016 / Addy Awards / Silver / Greater Flint Area

2014 / National Quill & Scroll Yearbook Excellence / Graphic Design Division

How I feel-

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