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I'm in that generation who grew up without technology and then watched the world jump headfirst into digital. A realist who digs through the deepest corners of my mind finding the right creative solution. A child at heart who wants to change the stigma of bad advertising. Hello, I'm Rachel DeRieu!

My biggest strength and weakness is being an overthinking perfectionist. I love letting life take my hand and lead the way, but the whole time I'm thinking about my next move and how to make the most of my time.

As a kid, I'd always turn nothing into something; dandelion highlighters, leaf piñatas, even gluing Christmas lights to a wire rack and declaring it as art. The greatest advice my dad ever gave me was, "Rules were made to be broken, once you know them." Creative innovation runs through my DNA and it's important to keep the 9-year-old Rachel alive and thriving. I've always looked toward film for inspiration, Anything Robin Williams, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, The School of Rock, and The Breakfast Club impacting me the most.


Flex Zone-

Rapid Ideation


Deck Building


Color Theory

Motion Graphics


UX/UI Design

Mock Ups


2019 / The D Show / Best of Student Nominee / Detroit

2019 / Addy Awards / Silver / Greater Flint Area

2018 / The D Show / Shortlist Nomine / Detroit

2018 / Addy Awards / Silver / District 6 

2018 / Addy Awards / Silver / Greater Flint Area

2018 / College for Creative Studies President’s List

2017 / Addy Awards / Silver / Greater Flint Area

2016 / Addy Awards / Silver / Greater Flint Area

2014 / National Quill & Scroll Yearbook Excellence / Graphic Design Division

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