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Home State Decal Campaign

A multi-touch campaign that showcases Michigan pride no matter where you live. Becoming a member comes with a personalized decal based on where you are living. The exclusive decal can be displayed on your car, your laptop, or anywhere you want to rep your Michigan pride. The goal is to gain members and presence in our top prospect states: Michigan, California, Illinois, New York, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts, Washington, and Virginia.

Non-members are sent a letter inviting them to join the Alumni Association and recent grads are sent a postcard. An email reminder is sent out via email and on social media through targeted ads. After receiving their application via mail or online, a decal will be sent to them.

client. Alumni Association of the

           University of Michigan

senior art director. Victoria O'Brien

art director. Rachel DeRieu

copy writer. Katie Frankhart

Home state decal landing page.png
home-decal-email-cali-mockup copy.png
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